Nioh PS4 Game Launches Worldwide on February 9

KOEI Tecmo Games announced during Sony‘s PlayStation press conference on Tuesday that it will release its “dark warring-states action RPG” worldwide simultaneously on February 9. The game was previously slated to release this year.

Team Ninja (Dead or Alive series, Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade) is developing the game. KOEI Tecmo Games announced the game with a teaser video in September 2015.

The game received an alpha demo from April 26 to May 5, with a second beta demo running from August 23 to September 6. Those who cleared a stage of the first demo will get “The Mark of the Conqueror” DLC from the PLAYSTATION Network once the game officially launches.

The game follows William, a blond-haired, blue-eyed samurai who arrived in Japan during the Age of Warring States, when the land was beset with supernatural entities.

KOEI Tecmo Games’ general producer Kou Shibusawa is working on the game. Before it merged with Tecmo, KOEI had previously announced the game, then Romanized as Ni-Oh, as a PlayStation 3 release in 2004. At the time, it was based on concepts from the late acclaimed film director Akira Kurosawa (The Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Ran).

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