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Trainer options
F1 - Active Trainer
F2 - Infinite Caps
F3 - Infinite Food
F4 - Infinite Energy
F5 - Infinite Water
F6 - Infinite Steampak
F7 - Infinite RadAway
F8 - Inifnite Nuka Cola
F9 - Max Happiness
F10 - Infinite Health
F11 - No Radiation
F12 - Max Stats

Num1 - Super Inventory Space

Nim2 - Set Female Pregnant

First start game world then activate trainer and cheats
First select one of the workers then activate health, radiation and stats cheat then every character you select will be effected by the cheats.

For Female Pregnant cheat, First select a random dweller then activate cheat then select the female you want to get pregnant one by one, Notice it may take a minute for females to change clothes to the pregnant clothes, Then either go on a mission or go to the main menu of the game and enter again and all female will give birth instantly.

Fallout Shelter: Trainer +13 v1.13.13 {MrAntiFun}

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