Friday, 2 November 2018

RamoXO VIP V5.5 | New update add VVIP Weapons, RemoteKill, 11-02-2018

Ramoxo VIP V5.5

add VVIP Weapons, RemoteKill


VVIP Weapons:

M4A1 -> M4A1-S-Guan Yu

M4A1 Blue Crystal -> M4A1-XS-Eternal Dragon

M4A1-C - RedCrystal -> M4A1-S-Predator

AK47->AK47-Knife-Obsidian Beast

AK74 -> AK47 - Iron Beast

AK-47 - Knife Red Crystal -> AK12-Iron Beast

D.E->D.E Noble Beast

AWM->AWM Infernal Dragon

AWM Liquid Metal -> Barret Iron Shark

AWM-Camo -> Barret Obsidian Beast

Gatling Gun LM->Gatling Gun Infernal Dragon



shooting in any where and kill the enemies automatically





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